Us vs. Them

How do you know how Common Cents Mobile matches up to the competition? Just compare us to the other guys below.

Common Cents
AT&T GoPhone
T-Mobile Prepaid
Verizon Prepaid

Round Down™ Minutes

Yes No No No No No

Minutes That Round Up

No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Price per Minute

10¢ 33¢ 25¢ 19¢***** 25¢

Price per Text Message

10¢ 20¢
  • 10¢ to send
  • to receive

Price per Picture Message

25¢* 33¢** 25¢ 25¢ 25¢

Price per Email/IM

10¢/min 16¢ /min** 25¢ N/A 25¢

Mobile Web

$1/day/MB 10¢/min 16¢ /min /kb

Limited WAP sites included at no charge


(on days used)

* $0.25 (plus $0.10 for each minute it takes to send or receive message).

** Based on a $20 replenishment card and 1 unit equates to a $0.33 cost. (plus 16 cents for each minute it takes to send and receive message).

*** Unlimited mobile-to-mobile messaging with Verizon Wireless customers plus 250 additional messages for $10/month.

**** Unlimited Messaging for $20/month

***** Based on $25 replenishment card

*Comparison based on published rates as of May 12, 2010 and do not reflect any additional amounts that those competitors may charge, such as taxes or surcharges