Make Cents

Pass It On: Don't Throw It Out, Pass It On

An estimated 500 million dead phones are just sitting around in drawers, closets, and who knows where else. Less than 10% get recycled, and many are dropped into landfills. That's bad for the planet. You can keep your old Common Cents phone from winding up in a landfill by passing it on to a friend.

Tell Your Friends About Your Extra Phone


  • What is the Pass It On Bonus?

    If you get a new Common Cents Mobile phone for yourself and give your old Common Cents Mobile phone to a friend, you can get 60 bonus minutes when they re-activate your old phone and Refill.

    This way, your friend gets a new phone, you get 60 minutes in bonus airtime, and your old phone doesn't wind up in a landfill. Just make sure to switch your phone number to a new Common Cents Mobile phone before you give your old phone to anyone else. Click here to learn more about Pass It On.